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My Service Focus

I assist athletes, leaders and organizational teams in reaching their goals with mission-critical skills, effective ideas and customized programmes.


Performance in Sport

Sharpen your mind.
Draw on your heart.
Chase those records.

“Racing should not be an ordeal, but rather an enjoyable and life-enhancing experience…”

Bruce Fordyce


Levels of athletic performance are determined by physical conditioning, perfection of technique, and psychological strength. A competitive edge with psychological capabilities can make the difference between 1st and 2nd place; between season’s best and record best.


Boosting performance through specific high-performance activities and programmes, focused on: Confidence Resilience Sport-life integration Composure Collective confidence and synergy building for teams Goal-setting Motivation Leadership development for captains

Leadership in Business

Shape the leaders. 

Grow your people.

Chase those targets.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done…”

Nelson Mandela


Business face the following limiters to their success – turbulent change, unpredictable market forces, global competition, communication gaps due to pressure on performance and getting the best out of their employees. In light of this, I offer expertise in the following areas:


Assisting leaders with enhancing their strategic capabilities, identifying their highest priorities, increasing their sphere of influence with other stakeholders and getting the best out of the people that they lead and manage.


Assisting organizations to enhance those talented employees that are earmarked for leadership positions. This is achieved by offering impactful training experiences that focus on critical leadership skills such as courage, confidence, building great relationships and resilience.

From Self-Awareness 
& Growth to a 
Wholesome Life

Raise personal insight.

Blossom your heart.

Chase those dreams.

“Each morning we are born again. 
What we do today is 
what matters most…”



After 18 years of supporting individuals on the path of inner transformation and growth, I continue to assist with:

Adjusting to sudden change Decision-making in alignment with deeper purpose Self-confidence Deepen relationships with others Work-life integration (balance) Wellness / Health strategies


My professional mission is to assist athletes, people and teams to fulfil their highest priorities whilst, if possible, actualize their growth as human beings.

Growing up in the Boland town of Paarl, my mother was a nurse. She taught me a lot about caring, helping, and assisting people. With this inspiration, amongst others, I shaped my career. As a result, my professional field entails supporting people in their world filled with targets, pressures and all forms of challenges.



Brief Career Picture



  • 1996 – 2001
    Post-graduate lecturer at Dept Of Psychology & Dept Of Industrial Psychology, UWC

  • 1997 – current
    Psychotherapeutic practice

  • 2005 – current
    Leadership advisor, team focus builder, change management consultant – private & public sector;

  • 2008 – current
    Sports psychologist to elite athletes & teams, and South African Olympians, & Paralympians 


Key Milestones

  • Obtaining my Masters Degree in Psychology after being inspired by my mother who was in the healing profession.

  • Provincial colours in swimming – freestyle & backstroke, overcoming asthma in the process.

  • Facilitation leader for a forward-thinking and dynamic international organization that trains men to live powerful and authentic lives.

  • Running my 1st marathon after 4 years of completing half marathons, inspired by my spouse.

  • Currently, a top Vets category road cyclist that loves the challenge and performs consistently well.

What Clients Say

  • “My passion and determination for competition ignited and I felt far more focused and motivated than ever better before..." 

    Pro Golfer

  • "I went from passive and unsure to determined and positive it made a whole difference to my position "

    Head Rugby Coach at
    a leading University

  • "Getting through a difficult patch of injury and rehabilitation with Eugene was turned into a very valuable time to grow my emotional intelligence as an athlete and refocus my performance..." 

    Olympian Javelin Thrower

  • "Eugene has equipped me with the tools necessary to develop my self awareness and self belief. This has over time allowed me to re-evaluate my life and instill the balance in my life that has benefitted not only me, but my family too. This has also afforded me the opportunity to become the person that I have the ambition to be..."

    Operations Manager, Manufacturing environment

  • "Eugene has played the role of a coach, conscience and mentor in guiding and shaping my leadership as the head of a challenging business. His honest, clear insight and feedback has been invaluable in helping me to see beyond the horizon." 

    Managing Executive, Technology Company

  • "From nervous and unsure to highly motivated and overall confidence. That would be a short description of my journey..." 

    Olympian 400m Runner

Recent Projects


  • Preparing world-class South African athletes for the Olympic & Paralympic games.

  • Boosting the mental game of a leading professional golfer.

  • Assisting Maties rugby sevens team to tournament winning performances in 2015 and 2016.

  • Sports psychologist to leading university’s high performance sports programme.


  • Supporting operations team to align and raise their performance after a downturn in results.

  • Developing the top tier of leadership (150 managers) of a market leading company in the service industries.